Key Responsibilities

Perform electrical test exercises all through all test periods of the task life-cycle.

Perform electrical joining on payloads utilizing both computerized test gear and manual estimations, utilizing hardware, for example, oscilloscopes and multi-meters.

Perform manual RF estimations of payload hardware and sub frameworks utilizing gear, for example, Power Meters, Spectrum Analysers, Network analysers and sign Generators.

Run robotized test groupings utilizing a Payload Test System (PTS) as per gave test strategies.

Check execution of payload hardware against boundaries nitty gritty in test strategies and audit results for non-conformances.

Perform association of test equipment (DC, Coaxial and Waveguide) to flight interfaces following organization measures.

Complete form records to follow organization quality norms.

Keep up 5S standards and do day by day reviews to keep coordination regions (apparatuses, tool stash, workstations, and so forth.) perfect and composed

Detail and capability of standard parts/materials

Abilities Required

RF test involvement with top notch fabricating/test condition identified with correspondence hardware (radio wires, cell phones and so on.).

Past utilization of range analysers/PSA or potentially network analysers (PNA/PNA-X).

Past utilization of electrical test hardware, for example, oscilloscopes and multimeters.

Involvement with attempting to test methodology.

Capacity to characterize a detail for a Standard Part, covering the framework or structure (where the part is utilized), or a Standard Material Ability to create segment, natural and establishment necessities

Read MorE:rf engineer

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