What a Computer Hardware Technician Does

Any kind of work related to computers, namely; Computer hardware technician is the person responsible for installing , operating, maintaining and repairing all units from the monitor to the printer, from the modem to the keyboard .
Computer hardware technician duties include;

To completely install a pre-prepared automation, to make it fully ready and to maintain and repair
setting up, maintaining and troubleshooting personal and industrial computers
to select the materials required to update new systems, to assemble the system, to make it operational
ensuring the necessary hardware is created in the information processing system
to take necessary precautions in advance during installation to establish network security
To know how to use measuring instruments and to be able to fix basic faults
have the necessary software knowledge
to install and run computers operating systems
Efficient performance by applying the hardware units to the existing system
replacing the printer's cartridge, toner and ribbons
To set up the Internet connection of the system and make its settings
helping hardware units not to work with each other and work efficiently

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