Security and event management information
Preface - Prelude is an all inclusive “Security Information and Event Management” (SIEM) gadget. Introduction gathers, standardizes, characterizes, totals, corresponds and audits all events related with security, regardless of the item logo or the permit that gave upward push to such events; The preface is “agentless”.

OSSIM - OSSIM gives the entirety of the capacities that a security master wants from a SIEM offering - event assortment, standardization and connection.

FIR - Fast Incident Response, a cybersecurity episode control stage.


OpenVPN - OpenVPN is an open gracefully programming program utility that actualizes advanced individual network (VPN) systems to make stable factor-to-factor or web site online-to-web site online associations in steered or crossed over setups and far away get passage to offices. It utilizes a custom wellbeing convention that utilizes SSL/TLS to substitute keys.

Quick Packet Processing

DPDK - DPDK is an immovable of libraries and drivers for sure fire pack preparing.

PFQ - PFQ is a deliberate network shape intended for the Linux working gadget that allows the seize/transmission of green parcels (10G and past), intentional preparing withinside the portion and course bundles through attachments/end-focuses.

PF_RING - PF_RING is a spic and span sort of network attachment that significantly improves bundle hold onto speed.

PF_RING ZC (0 imitation) - PF_RING ZC (0 reproduction) is an adaptable bundle handling structure that grants preparing of 1/10 Gbit line value parcels (RX and TX) in any bundle size. It executes 0 reproduction tasks, which incorporate prerequisites for between technique and between VM (KVM) interchanges.

PACKET_MMAP/TPACKET/AF_PACKET - It is on the whole correct to apply PACKET_MMAP to upgrade the general execution of the seize and transmission technique in Linux.

Netmap - netmap is a structure for unreasonable speed bundle I/O. Along with its VALE programming program switch, it's far applied as an unmarried part module and to be had for FreeBSD, Linux and now furthermore for Windows.

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