XG Firewall v18 is currently accessible, and it's wearing the all-new Xstream Architecture, which conveys extraordinary degrees of perceivability, insurance and execution.

We've pressed this delivery with new and improved highlights for you, including:

Xstream SSL assessment. Get remarkable perceivability into your encoded traffic streams, uphold for TLS 1.3 without minimizing, amazing approach instruments, and preeminent execution.

Man-made intelligence controlled danger knowledge. Expand your insurance against zero-day dangers and developing ransomware variations with numerous top tier AI models and unrivaled bits of knowledge into dubious records entering your organization.

Application quickening. Streamline network execution by putting your significant application traffic on the quick way through the firewall and steering it dependably out through your favored WAN association.

XG Firewall v18 likewise incorporates uphold for all new focal administration, announcing, and arrangement choices dispatching on Sophos Central one week from now:

Gathering firewall the executives. Effectively keep your full home of firewalls steady utilizing bunches that naturally keep approaches, items, and settings synchronized.

Focal revealing. Organization movement and bits of knowledge over the entirety of your firewalls are presently readily available in Sophos Central, with a few pre-bundled reports and adaptable detailing apparatuses to make your own.

Zero-contact organization. Advantageously arrangement another firewall in Sophos Central, send out the config, load it on a glimmer drive and have your new firewall naturally interface back to Sophos Central without contacting it.

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